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Some Novel Advice

A writer friend of mine did an impromptu survey of her Facebook friends: “Can you think of any good advice (that applies to real life) that you’ve gotten from novels?”  I quickly zipped a response to her before my next client came in:

“It’s a waste of time to rail against the universe that your technology or machine is broken, and still a waste of time to apply a poor quality quick fix. A better use of time is to learn how to fix it in a quality manner, or just release your reliance on it completely.”

On my walk home that night, I wondered why I gave that response, especially since I stopped reading the book that had inspired it, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, after just a few chapters. Surely I could have thought of something from other novels I liked enough to finish? Read more…

The Exercise Resolution: Where Should You Start?

“Start Exercising” is a popular resolution, and joining a gym is often a result. But what should a usually sedentary person do first? Weights? Machines? Spinning? My answer is none of the above.

My advice is to start with Read more…

Stand Up for Your Cells!

I love this cartoon. It’s a reminder that to thrive, we need to create an optimal environment for every cell in our body.


Studies show that when we sit for too long, we increase our chance of developing metabolic syndrome, a precursor for heart disease and diabetes. Why? It’s a complex issue, but one reason is this: our cells don’t like to lounge on the couch.

Muscle movement triggers important processes within specific cells that help metabolize fats and keep those numbers your doctor likes to talk about in the right range.

Read more…

Provoking Thought AND Movement


My mentor, Biomechanical Scientist Katy Bowman, wrote a brilliant article this month for Breaking Muscle.

Here’s just one thought provoker:

“An animal in the zoo needs to be given an exercise program because their habitat limits their biological reflexes.” – Katy Bowman

Ever thought about your own captivity from shoes, cars, elevators, or even email? And is an hour at the gym really a solution?

To get the full flavor of Katy’s message, read the entire article here:

This Year, Exercise Less | Breaking Muscle.

Observing Foot Placement

foot placement

Generally speaking, humans walk with their two feet pointed straight ahead. Makes sense, right?  But skewed feet can happen and for different reasons. Bone shape and conditions at the knee and hip are factors, but the most common reason for skewed feet is muscle weakness somewhere in the lower body.  Read more…

Joe Pilates and The Legends of the Spring

I recently participated in Benjamin Degenhardt’s Archival Pilates Reformer Workshop here in NYC. (Benjamin is awesome. I highly recommend his Archival Workshops to fellow instructors of all Pilates styles)

During the workshop, Benjamin presented his research on the legend of Mr Pilates and his apparatus. Along the way, he dismissed the popular story about Joe’s use of springs.

For those unfamiliar, the legend goes something like this:   Read more…

So, You Want to Run a Marathon…

Disclaimer: I am not a runner. The most I’ve ever run at one time is 6 miles.

A couple of weeks ago, I worked as a volunteer in the post finish medical tent at the ING NYC Marathon. This was my fifth year volunteering. Helping sweating, hurting, and occasionally vomiting runners isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I always have a blast. Read more…