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Leslie McNabb

Leslie McNabb



A blog featuring thoughts and ideas on how mindful alignment and movement can improve the health and longevity of your physical machine.

Leslie sees clients at PIVOT Pilates + Restorative Exercise near Union Square, NYC.

  1. Hi Lelie. I appreciated your post about alignment with ribs forced forward causing harm . I have subscribed and look forward to reading more. I created a method of yoga called YogAlign which is based on finding natural alignment not performing poses. Many yogis I work with have this exact postural issue you illustrate.. I have a website called yoga injuries,com. I think in the years to come many yogis will have serious issues like organ prolapse. Many top teachers already have hip replacements and FAI syndromes. I am already seeing these clients with organ prolapse issues. I would be very interested to communicate with you and share ideas and perhaps co-write an article. I have written a book on how to align posture with YogAlign.with aloha,. Michaelle Edwards .

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